Hot Melt Spray System

Hot melt labelers for wrap-around labeling remain heavily used throughout the packaging industry. Despite their place in the modern packaging line, many machines still rely on out-dated technology to apply the high temperature adhesive resulting in reduced efficiency.

A traditional glue mechanism creates excessive fumes, waste, and maintenance headaches. To address these issues we’ve worked with Nordson, a leader in the adhesive dispensing industry, to create a hot melt spray conversion to bring your machine up to date.

The system has been carefully designed with an independent control system so it can be field installed quickly in order to bring all the benefits of a spray system to you at the lowest possible cost.

Our Success Stories

Our group of labeling experts rebuilt this Krones Canmatic and converted it to run shaped containers. This included the addition of a servo feed screw, conversion to maltese-cross cam bottle table, two set of change parts, and the addition of a Nordson contact-less hot melt spray system.

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Every spray system is configured to minimize costs and meet specific performance and application demands. Share with us your application details and we’ll ensure you get exactly what you need to run at maximum efficiency and enjoy all the benefits a spray system has to offer. We also offer a buy-back program for many glue pots which could further reduce your expenditure.