Here are some of our most popular products!

Our team has been working with labelers for over 25 years and along the way have developed solutions for many different problems. Here are a few of the products we have developed over the years to serve you.

Cold Glue Pumps

The MTS glue pump is a pneumatically driven, piston style pump and is carefully designed for high and long lasting performance. It can also be supplied with an electronic heating unit to remain at a constant temperature in cold or fluctuating ambient environments.

Gripper Sponges

Our gripper sponges are made from the highest quality material and are manufactured to have superior deflection properties for the greatest performance.  They are treated with our special formula silicone to provide you with increased life expectancy with maximum durability.  All material is in stock and ready customize to your unique configuration.

Aggregate Filtration

The aggregate filtration system will increase life expectancy of all major components by enhancing oil flow to by removing contaminants such as particulate, water, and glue.  It will provide defense against harsh or improper wash-down procedures to keep your aggregate running.

ZAE Gearboxes

ZAE gearboxes are some of the best in the world, but they can be difficult to support in North America. We can rebuild your gearbox or offer you a new gearbox in whatever configuration you need.

On-Roll Station

Our MTS On-Roll station was designed to solve a problem some of our customers have. Their labels were flagging causing product to get rejected. The On-Roll station was designed to compress the label against the bottle in order to improve the adhesion of the label to the bottle. The station can be easily added to almost any line without any outside service installation.